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PDF to Excel converters are everywhere, in some cases, it would be right in saying the market is saturated with them. Some of them are stand-alone tools, others are just a small part of a larger, multi-featured platform, like Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, there are far fewer converters that deliver quality than there are that don’t. 

Why is format retention something you should think about when converting PDF to Excel?

Portable Document Format files have a different format than Xls or Word files do. Typically they’re not designed in tables, rows or columns. That's why converting in the majority of cases can result in inaccurate conversions and broken/missing content. Why work with a tool that leads to more work for you after you use it? You are busy and manually improving your newly converted file is the last thing you want to have to do.


So, how are you supposed to shuffle through the thousands of tools and in the end, still choose one that fits your personal and/or business needs? 

How to choose a good PDF to Excel converter

There are great tools everywhere; some are web-based and some aren’t, some are free and some are expensive.


Follow the tips below to find the best solution for converting PDF to Excel:


  1. Read reviews and pay attention to any that reference formatting issues.
  2. Choose a tool with a preview function.
  3. Check if the converter comes with a powerful editor.
  4. Focus on finding a free online converter to avoid wasting money.
  5. Sign up for a free subscription, if you choose to use a converter that is software-based.

What is the best online solution on the market for fast, free, high-quality conversions? 

With our tool, users not only get high-quality conversion results every time, but are also able to edit xls sheet in a powerful online editor that allows them to easily adjust rows and columns. Convert PDF to Excel in three clicks online: upload a document, click Convert Now!, and download your new Excel sheet. Our service allows you to upload documents from both your desktop and/or the cloud. Convert on mobile, even while on the go; all you have to have is a good connection to the internet.