Edit PDF Online

Tips to Edit A PDF after Scanning

In different situations we have to deal with a number of documents. For instance, if you are a student, a business owner or a bank worker, you keep reams of paper on your desk. In some cases it may be quite irritating. The solution is to scan all your documents and store them on your computer or in some cloud storage.

However, there are situations when the scanning process is interrupted or you may accidentally scan some odd pages in your file. One more case is that you immediately need to edit a PDF but have no scanning facility at hand to redo from scratch. Don`t worry too much, because today there are multiple digital editors that can help you to transform you docs. Look through some useful tips below that will help you find exactly what you want.

How to Choose the Best Online Solution for PDF Editing?

Of course, each person has his/her own needs and purposes. However, we are going to tell you about streamlined online PDF editors that will definitely suit your taste. The digital tools are very easy to use and don't require any downloads or installations giving you an ability to save much space on your device. Forget about constant popup windows with notifications to update your service. The online editing solutions update all the features automatically for you to have an opportunity work with your files with ease and use only advanced features. After the best service for manipulating your PDF is chosen, you may have a question - how to use them? We have compiled the list of main features you that can be useful well as short guide how to apply them.

How to Merge Scanned Pages?

Suppose, you have scanned the mainly part of your paper, but the scanning was interrupted for some technical reasons. No reason to start the process all over again. Open a digital merger, upload pages you want to combine and after clicking the “Start now” button you will get a desired result in no time.

How to Split?

In comparison to the above-mentioned function, splitting is just quite the opposite. Want to extract a certain page from your paper or need to split your PDF into several separate documents? Online splitters are exactly you are looking for. Upload a required unit to a drag and drop box, tick the necessary pages and get your file separated in seconds.

Online Converter

One more popular and not less necessary editing option is a converter. Instantly change your PDF to many other needed formats (JPG, PNG, Word, PPT) or vice versa just by clicking a few buttons.

Signing and Adding Text

After your file has come through the whole process of transformations, you may need to edit PDFs some more. With online editors adding text to your template is a breeze. What is more you can effortlessly add your digital signature by typing, drawing or uploading. Solve your issues quickly even when on the go, because now it is possible to send a needed PDF file for signing to your partner.