How Do I Create a Editable PDF Files like a Passport Application Form?

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How do I create a editable PDF files like a passport application form?

The passport official usually asks you if the data entered by you is correct before processing it. You knew the addresses didn't match or it was incomplete when you applied for passport. What were you doing then? Let's say you overlooked it. Now, you are at stage where it is too late to make changes. It is illegal to issue a passport with wrong address or incomplete address. If the police reject it, then reapply. This time make that every information you enter is right.

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Make any edits that are needed. Do you know what happened to those applicants? They have been denied passports for committing passport irregularities. Do people not take this into consideration? This is the way the system works in Thailand. If you enter something wrongly or the data is incomplete it is all too late to change it. It is always going to be the wrong one. However, the passport department is not too bothered about those who make mistakes or make up stories. It is the person who files a police report that takes the same action, regardless of what they say. The police report will always be rejected. This shows that the police are all too willing to accept whatever the applicant says. What about the ones who didn't file a police report? They get an automatic denial. Again the applicant's word is the only one valid in Thailand..