Why Is It Generally Impossible to Edit PDF Files like Microsoft Word?

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Why is it generally impossible to edit PDF files like Microsoft Word documents?

The purpose of a PDF its to provide a secure document that can be viewed by anyone with a reader without having the application that created it. Therefore, PDFs are not designed to be editable. Your best bet is to go back to the original document that was used to create the PDF and edit that. If you don’t have that document, you may not have the right to edit it. You can try opening the PDF in Word, but there is no guarantee that will work.

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Edit PDF: All You Need to Know

The good news — you can always use Google to search for PDFs that have already been opened. Google will give you a warning that the application that created the file may not have been able to open the document. You can click “Ignore” to ignore Google's warning and still open the PDF. If you do want to edit the document, click “Edit on This Device.” It should then open as before for you. When you are done with the document, save it to your computer using the following tools: Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft Office: Office application Macro media Reader If you don1t have Office, you can still use Google for the next step. On Google, use the search function and look for a PDF that contains the image that you want to use for the new message. Google should have information for this image in the “Creators” list.